We believe Children who are in existential danger should be able to protect themselves and seek support freely

Our Story

Our journey began in November 2022 in Amravati, Maharashtra. We visited a school and identified a crucial need – to educate children about their safety. We quickly realized that this awareness should not be limited to children alone. It was equally important to involve stakeholders who influence a child’s environment and the adults a child interacts with regularly.

After conducting a session with the school authorities and children, we were approached by other schools with similar needs. This made us realize the importance of not only educating children but also providing support to adults. This dual approach ensures the creation of a safe and nurturing environment for every child.

We firmly believe that every child has the ability to keep themselves safe if they are properly educated about it. Our focus is on empowering children to be self-reliant and encouraging adults to openly discuss safety from sexual abuse with children.

Our focus is on making a difference in children’s lives by equipping them with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and by creating an environment that fosters their safety and growth.”

Our Values


We are fearless in our actions and do not believe in pleasing people rather believe in speaking out. Our actions are towards keeping a child safe from childhood sexual abuse, we strive to fulfill our vision in any possible way by keeping children at the heart of every decision we make.


We work with responsibility, and are transparent about the work that we do. We do not tolerate any lack of integrity, be it from our team members or those who are associated with us.


We strive for children's' safety and are ready to go out of our comfort zone to provide a service to them. We keep our beneficiary safety as our center point and find a way to help them in any possible way.


We value, respect, and believe in hearing & including the voices of people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Mukhlasi Logo and Naming Story

Just like the boundless sky, each child has an infinite potential within them.

Mukhlasi is an Urdu word which means freedom. In the logo of Mukhlasi, children are depicted dancing with unbridled joy, embodying the spirit of freedom, and happiness. This is the vision we have for every child – to be able to express themselves freely, to dance to the rhythm of their hearts without any hesitation, and to be the painters of their own life.

We believe together we can create an environment where children can express anything to anyone, respecting their own boundaries and those of others.  

Just as the children in our logo are dancing with excitement, we envision a world where all children can dance their way to happiness and success, illuminating the world with their vibrant energy and radiant smiles. This is the story of Mukhlasi, a story of freedom, joy, and boundless potential.

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