The Solution that we bring forward:

Currently, Mukhlasi has two initiatives:

The first initiative “Beacon of Safety”

Phase 1: Children will learn to express their views and opinion through the tools of storytelling, acting and be fearless while expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Phase 2: Children will be knowing about the private body parts, safe and unsafe behavior, identifying trusted adult and know about the child sexual abuse.

Phase 3: Children will be learning technique of protecting themselves from the abuse like to express their opinion assertively, self-defense, taking support of elders immediately.

Phase 4: Caregivers will learn about what is child sexual abuse, prevention methods, how to create a safe and supportive environment for children and POCSO Act.

The second initiative “Catalyst of Change”

The second initiative is “Catalyst of Change,” which focuses on training key stakeholders such as teachers, psychologists, social workers, NGOs, etc.

The goal is to equip these individuals/organisations with the knowledge and tools to further educate and empower more children in their respective communities.

After our program we see

Children are assertive & free in expressing their view and opinion, and they are the painters of their own life!

Adults are creating an environment where children feel Safe and have the space to express their views.

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