Sara Surekha Bharat Tandel

I am passionate advocate for child safety and a survivor of child sexual abuse. My personal experiences have led me to develop a self-reflection mechanism that has been instrumental in my journey. My journey began in Social Sector in the year 2013, through volunteering in National Service Scheme (NSS), I hold a Masters in Social Work from the College of Social Work Nirmala Niketan and a PG Diploma in Development Leadership from the Indian School of Development Management (ISDM).

In 2018, I joined one NGO as a Trainer and later transitioned into a counselling role. Here, I was involved in the healing process of children from various socioeconomic backgrounds who were grappling with issues related to child sexual abuse.

I firmly believe that child safety begins at home. As a child, I was taught to obey elders without question, even if it meant suppressing my own voice. This submission, often unknowingly fostered by adults, makes children vulnerable. My family’s loving yet controlling approach led to my own experiences of abuse and distress. I am determined to change this narrative by empowering caregivers to foster assertiveness in children.

In April 2023, I embarked on a journey with the 2023 batch of kanthari, a global initiative that equips social changemakers with the necessary tools. I am on a mission to create a world free from child sexual abuse, where every child can grow in a safe and nurturing environment. This is the essence of “Mukhlasi” – Freedom.

In the past, I have been associated with various organizations such as Akshara, Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA), and United Way of Mumbai. As a volunteer, I worked with adolescent girls and women to promote safety in public places and facilitate access to public spaces like the street library and more.

Join me in my mission to create a safer world for our children.

Together, we can make a difference.

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