Become a Volunteer/Intern

Do you want to be a catalyst for social change? Do you want to gain a knowledge & skills about children’s safety? Do you want to acquire high levels of tools? Are you the one for whom the child safety matter? Then Mukhlasi is the right place for you to Volunteer/internship.

Volunteering/Internship can be done in different ways:

  1. Volunteering/Internship from Home: You can help us to Design our social media post, website, quarterly newsletters, Proposals etc.
  2. Volunteering/Internship from being on the Field: From January 2024 onwards we are open for Volunteering on ground. We are starting our project in and around Mumbai. For more information visit our programs page and contact us on the given details below.

Basic requirements to be a Volunteer/be an intern:

  1. Above the age of 19 years
  2. High level of regards for the safety of a child
  3. One who is responsible and uses the time effectively
  4. One who is self-generative
  5. One who is willing to learn and grow
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