The Space Where Every Child's Safety Matters

We envision a World where every Child is Safe, Secure & Free from the fear of Sexual Abuse

A collage of pictures showing children in a classroom in Eurokids preschool. where the trainer is teaching children from the body outline the Private Body parts location.

Who we are

At Mukhlasi, we are dedicated to the mission
of preventing child sexual abuse. We believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to empower children and their caregivers with the information they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

We believe in empowering children, instilling in them the confidence that they are powerful enough to protect themselves. We understand that the subject of personal safety and private body parts safety is often shrouded in taboo, shame, and stigma. This silence can leave children vulnerable and unaware of potential dangers. We aim to break this silence and make learning a two way process.

What we do

At Mukhlasi, we are dedicated to creating a world where children are free from the fear of sexual abuse. We envision a safe environment where children can play, go to school, and grow into healthy adults without the worry of being abused.

Our work involves a 4-week intervention program for children and their caregivers, comprising 7 sessions, with 2 sessions conducted each week. The first 5 sessions are for children, the sixth session is for caregivers, and the seventh is a revision session for children. This program is meticulously designed to educate children about their safety and empower caregivers to protect them.

Our Vision

A world free from Child Sexual Abuse, where every child can grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent child sexual abuse by raising awareness, empowering children and caregivers to recognize and act against abuse, and advocating for children’s rights to ensure a safe environment.

Our Values

  • Courage
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Inclusive


We Help Children to never doubt that they are Powerful enough to Protect themselves

Mukhlasi is an organisation which works on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse by addressing 2 major problems: first, children do not know anything about the problem until someone speaks with them. Second, the majority of Parents and Caregivers do not speak with children about their Personal Safety and Private Body Parts Safety due to taboo, shame, and stigma. Mukhlasi is setting children free from taboos and shame, through stories, games, and exciting exercises. At the same time, we support parents and caregivers to talk openly to their children, so they are able to venture out into a safer future for everyone.

Our Programs

Support to the parents or caregivers

In the coming financial year 2024 - 2025, we are targeting to implement our project with 800 to 2000 children and their caregivers. We will be working through workshops with children and their caregivers.


Are you interested to make a difference in the life of children?

Join us in preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse by volunteering, sharing expertise, donating, or connecting us with the potential partners. Your support is valuable to us.

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